I am a wireless network engineer and researcher and have recently defended my Ph.D. in computer engineering at Virginia Tech. Since I joined Virginia Tech, I have worked at the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) with Prof. Luiz DaSilva and Prof. Jacek Kibilda. Before joining Virginia Tech, I attended UFSJ (Brazil), UoA (Australia), UFMG (Brazil), and Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), obtaining an MS in computer science and a BS in telecommunications engineering on the way. 

As an engineer, I have professional experience developing software to support mobile operators in Latin America to optimize and maintain their networks. As a researcher, my interests lie in designing, building, and evaluating wireless networks for reliability: Networks that can perform under stringent performance requirements and withstand failures, attacks, and disasters. I have worked on topics such as ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC), reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS), Open RAN, stochastic geometry, software-defined radios, and applied machine learning. My research has been published in top-tier computer networks and wireless communications conferences and journals, including IEEE ComSoc transactions, letters, and magazines. I have also been involved in/collaborated with initiatives such as the NextG Alliance, 6G Flagship at the University of Oulu, and AT&T Research Labs.